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I treat my work with you with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. Coaching begins with a contract between us, and part of this is that everything that you disclose to me is treated as confidential.

If my coaching services are provided by your organisation, your employer may require feedback on some factual aspects, for instance confirmation of dates and times of your sessions. Any information further than this would only be provided if you and I had discussed and agreed to this at the outset.

Exceptional Circumstances

There are, however, specific circumstances where there is an ethical obligation to break confidentiality, namely:

  • where there appears to be a serious risk of harm to yourself or others;
  • if obliged to do so by law;

Additionally, as a professional coach, I undertake supervision with appropriately qualified individuals. The emphasis in supervision is on my work as a coach, and where any reference is made to my work with you, it will be presented anonymously and with care to omit identifying personal details or sensitive business information. Coaching supervision is subject to the same strictures of confidentiality as is the coaching itself.

Organisational settings

To work effectively with your staff, and to get to the crux of any issues, it's imperative that the person being coached feels able to talk completely freely about their situation, knowing that what they say is being treated as confidential.

When engaged directly by organisations, my standard practice is to confirm times and dates of attendance by your employees. Other arrangements can be made by agreement, as long as the person being coached is also made aware, and consents to that arrangement.