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My approach

My approach is rooted in accepting, non-judgemental, confidential listening and exploration. We are all unique, and there isn't a single formula that works optimally for everyone, so I draw on techniques and interventions from a range of models, which gives us the flexibility to work together an open and interactive way to help you find your own way forward.

I often work with clients who feel stuck or have lost direction, and you may have tried things like goal-setting or action plans but failed to achieve lasting results. In that case, part of our work will be to explore whether any conflictedness or competing commitments might need to be acknowledged and respected to help you identify more 'ecological' goals that better address your needs as a whole person.

In sessions we may work on developing new insights by explore your thinking and feelings in the here and now, but the purpose is not primarily to provide emotional support nor to help you explore your past. (If you need that type of support then counselling would be an appropriate option.)

My practice integrates aspects of both coaching and counselling in the Personal Consultancy framework, which works to address imbalances of thinking, feelings, or habits to create the conditions for change and transformation.

As a practitioner of both coaching and counselling my practice in each tends to draw on insights and techniques from the other, and over the years my practice has evolved to embrace a range of interventions and models from coaching, counselling, NLP and Solution Focussed ways of working.

Sometimes our unhelpful habitual responses follow us from an early age, and can be brought out by stressful circumstances in our work or relationships. The solutions to these problems lie within us: it is not always necessary to go into depth, but sometimes staying with the surface issues can be unfruitful.

This integration of approaches helps overcome problems that can be resistant to working with a narrower approach: as a qualified therapist in a range of approaches, I can work across the boundaries between coaching and counselling to help develop insights and effect changes in a more powerful way than either approach alone might offer.

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